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FORPETS brand:

brand can bring good luck "to describe products can bring you good luck and good


   Fupets offers morethan just products!

Pet Food Company, whose main business is the production and sale offresh meat and pet food, aims to provide fresh, healthy and scientificecological nutritious food for the majority of domestic pets. Its products aremainly fresh chicken, crude grain and fresh fruits and vegetables. It promisesnot to add any chemical synthesis additions. Agents and harmful substancesprovide healthy organic food for pets.

The company's Fupets brand dog and cat food products consist of dogand cat dry food, dog and cat wet food, dog and cat snacks, which have beenrecognized by many customers since they went on the market. After rigorousmarket precipitation and a large number of customer trial experience feedback,the Fupets Natural Fresh Meat Functional Food Series was launched. Dog Foodadded New Zealand Deep-sea Green Lip Shellfish, Cat Food selected freshdeep-sea tuna meat. The nutritional value and function were greatly improvedand strengthened. The main products were natural fresh and functional. Not onlydoes it bring healthy and fresh staple food to pets, but also more deliciousfood experience.

What we advocate is scientific nurturing, happy companionship!

Development philosophy: create, share and share!

Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing